Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The forest beckons...

Title: The Forest Beckons
Size: 150x200mm

Relaxing after breakfast at a chalet in the Knysna forest, I just had to try and capture the feeling of being drawn into the forest to explore.... sadly there wasn't time, but I'll be back!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Duncan Village 2

Title: Duncan Village 2
Size: 900x700mm
Another view of the Duncan Village informal settlement in East London. Although life is hard and conditions are far from acceptable, there remains a vibrancy and sense of community that speaks volumes about the resiliance of the human spirit.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

one I forgot to post!

Oops, here is one that slipped through the cracks! I was looking for it so I could give the link to someone who has a great swan photo on his blog, (in fact lots of brilliant photos, check out Dick's blog...) and realised I had forgotten to post it. So here is swansong, a combination of swans I photographed in Bloemfontein a few years ago, and the predominantly black and white abstracts that make statements... this one alludes to global warming, and the "swansong" of the planet.


Title: Swansong

Size: 900x600mm

Friday, 19 October 2007

Can't see the wood for the trees?, and sunset at sea

Title: Can't see the wood for the trees?
Size: 1200 x 1000 mm
A large happy looking abstract. I have a "thing" for rainbow colours and trees, this is a marriage of the two!

Title: Sunset at sea
Size: 500 x 400 mm

This is an older painting that was tucked away somewhere at an out of town gallery, I just retrieved it last week.

Tuesday, 09 October 2007

waxing lyrical

I have been experimenting with wax on my canvasses, to add texture to the paintings... I just love the subtle effects that can be achieved when paint is applied and then rubbed off again, as the wax only retains some of the pigment. The 3 paintings in the previous post had some wax on them, and these three do too. After some experimentation, I have settled on a wax called microcrystalline, used by scuptors. It is very flexible, much more so than paraffin wax, and handles well when carved. Great fun!

Title : Red and Blue 2
Size : 1500x1000 mm
This was commissioned for a beach house in Port Alfred. I stained some wax red and dripped it over the grassy areas for extra texture.

Title: the circle of life
Size: 1000x1000mm
There is subtle writing on this one, running around the spiral. It reads "it takes time and careful listening to unravel the meaning of life.... but most of us are on a hamster wheel whizzing around and times rushes by too fast... so we forget to look around and listen out for clues." The fact that the writing is not obvious or easy to read mirrors the message that we need to work at finding meaning in life.
here are a few details showing the textures created by the wax.

Title: lest we forget #3
Size: 1000x1000mm

Yet another in the series dealing with the meaninglessness of war, and how pointless all the deaths really are.

I have included a few details below to show some of the textures, and the interplay of silver leaf, paint and wax to create subtle textures.

Friday, 21 September 2007

spring offerings................

With the welcome arrival of our latest grandchild, the painting has been a bit slower than usual, but here are the latest ones.....
another pair in the anti war poppy series...

Title: Lest we Forget 2a
size: 300x1000mm
Title: Lest we Forget 2b
size: 300x1000mm

Title: wise men came from the east
size: 1200x1000mm

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

and another one

Title: Eclectic Skyline
Size: 400 x 800 mm
Port Elizabeth is such an interesting town, I bet there are not too many places where you could take a narrow sliver of the skyline and find in it a church, a mosque, newspaper printing works, flats, houses, a lighthouse and a pyramid!

Monday, 20 August 2007

latest batch

Title: Social Meltdown
Size: 900 x 600 mm
A protest against what is happening in South Africa, where the rights of the criminals are more important to our legal system than those of honest citizens. While we hide behind bars for safety, they roam free, and 23000 kids were raped last year.
Title: Hanging Out
Size: 600 x 900 mm
Cormorants drying their wings, on poles at a jetty in Knysna.

Title: Cafe Rouge
Size: 450 x 350 mm
the next 3 are more in the series on old historic buildings in Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth.

Title: Old Firestation, Albany Road
Size: 600 x 300 mm

Title: St Stephens Terrace
Size: 600 x 300 mm

Friday, 20 July 2007

weird batch

This lot really doesn't look like the same person did them, I must check and see what my other personalities have been up to.....(kidding!)

Title: Spanish Nights

Size: 600 x 900 mm

I must thank Ian and Cursty for this, they were in Spain recently, wandering through the wonderful narrow alleyways as the sun went down. I was attracted to this as a subject because I love trying to portray the play between cool natural light and warm artificial light.


Title: Dawn across Richmond Park.
Size: 300 x 250 mm

The light was great the other day, so I rushed out (yes, I'm afraid the poor neighbours were subjected to the tatty dressing gown again...) and sketched it with pen and watercolour wash to capture the rapidly changing conditions, then I applied a bit of artistic licence and darkened it and emphasised the artificial light when I did the painting.

Title: Bobcat
Size: 750 x 450

Yes, I know this is freaky and scary, but it is about a freaky and scary subject, the Hitler-like moustache on the fat cat might give you a clue.... and it is a protest about a subject I rage inwardly about, feeling impotent in the face of so much international apathy. If Zimbabwe was rich in oil I bet things would be very different! In the meantime old Bob gets financially fatter and fatter at the expense of his desperate suffering people.

Saturday, 07 July 2007

in war-only the arms dealers win

Title: In war - only the arms dealers win
Size mm: 1100x900

This is another in my ongoing series of predominanly black and white paintings which carry a message about the futility of war. As usual, the poppy speaks of the wasted lives, this one has gold and silver to suggest the vested interests that many big businesses (and Governments!) have in making sure that wars keep happening.

Friday, 06 July 2007

some new work

Title : Dafur Desolation
Size, mm: 400x800
Price Excluding Postage US$: 240

A subject close to my heart. What hope do these kids have if we who are so comfortable don't intervene in some way?

Title : Across the Park
Size, mm: 150x150
Price Excluding Postage US$: 60


I was on the patio the other day, and the quality of light across the park was just lovely, sort of hazy but picking up highlights on the city buildings we glimpse at the base of the hill. I was about to grab my sketchbook, then I thought I might as well sketch it with oils straight onto a canvas.

Title : Dollery Street 2
Size, mm: 250x250
Price Excluding Postage US$: 100

Another view of the little cottage I restored last year, built of stone in about 1882. We have just sold it, I am sad to see it go, painting it has helped!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

another mixed bunch

Title: The Lonely Tree 2

Size: 800x450mm

Based on the Wilfred Gibson poem of the same name....
"Though I love the forests deep and wide, the lonely tree on the bare hillside, the brave wind bitten lonely tree, is rooted in the heart of me."


Title: Richmond Hill Street
Size: 850x650mm

Title: In war no-one wins
Size: 1200x900mm
This is a theme I have been exploring for a while, basically on the surface they are black and white abstracts, with red poppies. But if one cares to look deeper, there is a statement there about good versus evil and the chaos and futility of war, leading to such pointless loss of lives, symbolised by the poppies used to commemorate Flanders.
Title: In war no-one wins 2
Size: 600x500mm
Title: Sailing triptych
Size: 450x1200mm x3
Although in a similar vein to the war series, there are no deeper meanings here, just the fun of disappearing into the wild blue yonder!

Friday, 15 June 2007

on a roll.....

Title: Campbell Street at sunrise
Title: Old Grocer
Size: 250x250

Title: Lansdowne Street
Size: 155x155mm

Title: Corner Store
Size: 250x250mm

Title: Dollery Street
Size: 300x400mm
I just love painting the old buildings around where we live.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Coral Tree

Title: Coral Tree

Size: 900x800mm


This was commissioned by someone who went to the exhibition earlier this week. It is a huge coral tree in her garden (which overlooks the sea). She wanted it by this weekend, to give to her husband as a Father's Day gift.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

childsplay 2 and croick cottage

Title: Childsplay 2
This is the missing childsplay from the group of 4.
Title: Croick Cottage
Size: 300x400

This is the famous house whose renovations were covered in detail over on my other blog in November/December last year.

Monday, 11 June 2007

the new weekend selection!

Title: Childsplay 1
Size: 155x205mm

Title: Childsplay 3
Size: 155x205mm

Title: Childsplay 4
Size: 155x205mm
The childsplay series were inspired by a visit with our grandson to a petting farm, he was all over the place and I loved the idea of a group of pictures to depict the active day he had! If you are wondering what happened to no 2, I just want to tweak it a bit before posting it!


Title: Spring Tree
Size: 155x155mm

Another little tree, in rolling green farmlands this time, definitely a "tame tree" rather than the wild African trees I have been into lately!

Title: Campbell Street
Size: 900x900mm
Someone at the opening of the exhibition wanted something with a similar feel to the little Richmond Hill Historic buildings, but on a much bigger canvas. Rather than just copy one of the others, I chose a fresh scene to depict. (But Max and his trusty newspaper have re-appeared!!)