Friday, 06 July 2007

some new work

Title : Dafur Desolation
Size, mm: 400x800
Price Excluding Postage US$: 240

A subject close to my heart. What hope do these kids have if we who are so comfortable don't intervene in some way?

Title : Across the Park
Size, mm: 150x150
Price Excluding Postage US$: 60


I was on the patio the other day, and the quality of light across the park was just lovely, sort of hazy but picking up highlights on the city buildings we glimpse at the base of the hill. I was about to grab my sketchbook, then I thought I might as well sketch it with oils straight onto a canvas.

Title : Dollery Street 2
Size, mm: 250x250
Price Excluding Postage US$: 100

Another view of the little cottage I restored last year, built of stone in about 1882. We have just sold it, I am sad to see it go, painting it has helped!

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