Sunday, 17 June 2007

another mixed bunch

Title: The Lonely Tree 2

Size: 800x450mm

Based on the Wilfred Gibson poem of the same name....
"Though I love the forests deep and wide, the lonely tree on the bare hillside, the brave wind bitten lonely tree, is rooted in the heart of me."


Title: Richmond Hill Street
Size: 850x650mm

Title: In war no-one wins
Size: 1200x900mm
This is a theme I have been exploring for a while, basically on the surface they are black and white abstracts, with red poppies. But if one cares to look deeper, there is a statement there about good versus evil and the chaos and futility of war, leading to such pointless loss of lives, symbolised by the poppies used to commemorate Flanders.
Title: In war no-one wins 2
Size: 600x500mm
Title: Sailing triptych
Size: 450x1200mm x3
Although in a similar vein to the war series, there are no deeper meanings here, just the fun of disappearing into the wild blue yonder!


Janet said...

The one about war is very powerful. Your paintings are all just amazing. I love them all.

Suzi-k said...

thanks Janet.