Wednesday, 30 May 2007

You are Invited....

Although I realise the likelihood of any of you being here on the day is rather remote! (and anyway you have had a chance to preview most of the work... )

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Whew....1 week to go before my exhibition!


Title: Baobab 4

Size: 1500mmx1000mm (yes, it's BIG!)

I have a bit of a "thing" about Baobabs. To me they are so quintessentially African. And because I grew up in landlocked Zimbabwe, whenever we went on holidy, we would pass through a lowveld area where they grew, so I always associate Baobabs with fun, holidays, excitement and anticipation.


Title: Farewell Vetkat
Size: 900mmx700mm

The San or Bushmen of Africa are a tribe who have been hounded to near extinction over the centuries. The remaining few mostly now live in the very beautiful but arid Kalahari desert.
They are best known for the wonderful rock art which they left in many caves across the country, as they moved on under pressure from other tribes. They are deeply spiritual and peaceful people, in tune with nature to an amazing degree (which explains how they are able to survive in an environment that very few humans or animals can endure.)
From this group, in recent years, emerged an artist who was fast gaining an international reputation for his work, combining traditional imagery with modern elements and materials. His name was Vetkat Regopstaan Kruper. (Literally translated it means Fat cat upright standing.)
Sadly, he died last moth at the age of only 38. He was laid to rest before sunrise, under his favourite tree in the Kalahari.
This painting is a tribute to him, featuring "his" tree and if you look closely, a fat cat spirit flying away from it.


Title:Duncan Village, East London

Size: 1100mmx900mm

I have enjoyed painting clusters of houses around the world lately, and this is another in that series. It is much closer to home than the previous 2, and is a typical African Township which are a feature of most South African towns. To be PC, they are now referred to as "informal settlements", but many of them go back for many years and are well established communities. Despite the fact that life there is hard, the houses leak and are poorly insulated, and basic services like water, power and sewerage removal are often lacking, they always seem to appear bright and colourful, teeming with life and activity. To me they symbolise man's indomitable spirit in the face of adversity.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Welcome to the new gallery!

Hi, and welcome to my new art gallery blog. This is where I will be posting all the new work as it is completed. I have a Solo Exhibition coming up at the
K├╝hne Boekkooi Art Gallery
13 Walter Road, Charlo, Port Elizabeth, SA on 6th June 2007, and have been madly preparing for that.

The bulk of the new work has already been posted at Arty-Fartying-Around, and when i figure out how to move them across without having to upload all over, I will post the whole exhibition here, along with the new ones I do this week.
I am still getting things moving and wrapping up my interior design business, so I hope you will bear with me while I find out the safest and most cost effective way to post large stretched canvasses, and get registered for credit card payments, and you are welcome to e-mail me if you have any queries or advise!