Thursday, 28 February 2013

at last i can show the new work

Well, it's up and running! My exhibition with Dorelle Sapere called 'on the (t)horns of a dilemma: protecting what we value' has opened at artEC Gallery in Bird St, Central, and runs until 8th March. I uploaded albums of the artworks and the opening on my facebook page, and it seems silly to reload them all here, so please pop across to those links to view them there. The work has received gratifyingly good reactions and it feels good to have them there, touching people's lives.

i was interviewed for Bay TV just before the opening, thanks to Alan Grobler for the photo!

Friday, 08 February 2013

almost here, new exhibition

Hi, I have been very (uncharacteristically) quiet lately, not because I want to, but because I have had a bit of a dilemma... I am working flat out for a new exhibition, which opens at the artEC Gallery in Port Elizabeth on 26th Feb (more about that in a moment) and I have a TON of new work, which I have been dying to post here. But it did not seem to be a good idea to preempt the opening by letting the cat out of the bag too soon, and so I have avoided posting any pics. However, I can no longer restrain myself, and as I have over 50 works completed so far, I am sure showing a few won't do any harm :)

I described the idea behind the exhibition in a previous post.

It comprises a very mixed bag in terms of size and media, some huge, some tiny, some groups, some pure painting, some mixed media painting/drawing and photography, collage and some pure photography (well, even that might not be pure in the traditional sense, as much of the work is digitally manipulated in some way.)

boy amongst thorns 300x300mm 3D layered photos behind glass

horns and thorns 1 500x500mm mixed media on canvas ... I had in mind the abuse of women in this country, a "thorny" and painful issue, whilst a man counts his wealth in cattle and they are fiercely protected. Women in rural life in this case suggested by the traditional Xhosa design used on women's clothing, in contrast with the cows protected in a box. One has to ask, which is valued more, women or cows?

Milkshake 1 400x400mm mixed media on canvas. In direct contrast with the 3rd world rural attitude to cattle in the painting above, in 1st world  we are able to have an altogether more frivolous and playful attitude, they are fun or cute or just the next rare steak, rather than life and death and symbols of wealth.

Kiss with Care  digitally altered photograph.  Again thinking of women in the context of protecting what we value, and how many women have had to put up protective barriers due to the rampant abuse in our society.

Basotho Herdsman  photograph  

cows and thorns. 700x950mm painting and photograph on canvas

tree of life-cycle 200x200mm each, 4 photographs on board,

protecting our heritage digitally manipulated photograph: in urban areas the thorny issue of  protecting our  valued property and heritage involves living behind razor wire and fences.

I will be exhibiting with my friend Dorelle Sapere, whose wonderful paintings also deal with protecting what we value, but in a less 'thorny' way than mine :) OK, so now I have given a tiny glimpse of  some of my new work, I take great pleasure in inviting you to the opening, and if you are in Port Elizabeth any time from 26th February to 8th March i would be delighted if you would visit the exhibition!