Wednesday, 22 August 2007

and another one

Title: Eclectic Skyline
Size: 400 x 800 mm
Port Elizabeth is such an interesting town, I bet there are not too many places where you could take a narrow sliver of the skyline and find in it a church, a mosque, newspaper printing works, flats, houses, a lighthouse and a pyramid!

Monday, 20 August 2007

latest batch

Title: Social Meltdown
Size: 900 x 600 mm
A protest against what is happening in South Africa, where the rights of the criminals are more important to our legal system than those of honest citizens. While we hide behind bars for safety, they roam free, and 23000 kids were raped last year.
Title: Hanging Out
Size: 600 x 900 mm
Cormorants drying their wings, on poles at a jetty in Knysna.

Title: Cafe Rouge
Size: 450 x 350 mm
the next 3 are more in the series on old historic buildings in Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth.

Title: Old Firestation, Albany Road
Size: 600 x 300 mm

Title: St Stephens Terrace
Size: 600 x 300 mm