Friday, 17 August 2012

Preview of forthcoming attractions

I am embarking on a new series of works. It began with the simple idea of combining horns and thorns, ie cattle with large horns and those wonderful large paired thorns you find on Acacia Karoo trees, which bear a striking resemblance to each other. It quickly morphed (as these things tend to do) into a series of ideas around the thought of protecting what one holds valuable, and the fact that those items are relative depending on who you are.

If you are a Dinka Tribesman, your cattle are literally your life, of the greatest possible value, and due to cattle fueds and raids, it is no longer enough to protect them in kraals of thorns. In Southern Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, cattle wars have led to the death of literally thousands, and herdsmen protect their cattle with AK 47s. By contrast, in 1st world countries, we see cattle as just another food commodity, and can take a more flippant approach to depicting them. Our valued possessions often revolve around our fixed property, and we protect it with razor wire and alarm systems.

In a society where respect for women and life is being constantly eroded, there is also a need to protect ourselves. So the range of images emerging is already quite wide, and I will be combining painting, drawing, photography, and ceramics. WATCH THIS SPACE! :)

cow in kraal, photography and charcoal drawing on canvas, 1600x1600mm

Thursday, 09 August 2012

still catching up....

As I look through recent posts, I see that I have lost track a bit when it comes to posting photos of all my works. I get so involved in the process of making them, and then things like the festival etc, that it is easy to let some fall through the cracks, but since this blog will ultimately form a (hopefully) fairly complete record of my work, I might as well have a go at filling the gaps. So here, in no particular order, medium etc are some recent works which have so far eluded this blog.

emerging from the shadows 6a 450x450mm

emerging from the shadows 6b 450x450mm

emerging from the shadows 9a 300x300mm

emerging from the shadows 9b 300x300mm

emerging from the shadows 9c 300x300mm

emerging from the shadows 9d 300x300mm

emerging from the shadows 10 600x500mm

shelter 2 1100x900mm

standing out from the crowd a 300x600mm

standing out from the crowd b 300x600mm (SOLD)

Street in Richmond hill 200x200mm

tribute to Turner 300x400mm (SOLD)

Urban decay 200x250mm

urban decay 2 300x400mm

the guests 1100x900mm
Baobab 2.... 4 colour linocut edition of 12
paperbark grove ... 3 colour linocut, edition of 12

side street Istanbul charcoal on Fabriano

relevance 3 burnt sienna pastel on fabriano

Wednesday, 08 August 2012

Reflecting recent weather conditions

Port Elizabeth has had the second wettest winter in recorded history this year, in addition to unusually cold weather, 3 floods in the last few weeks, and days without water due to 2 broken major supply pipelines. I breezed into my studio with the intention of doing a few abstract canvases with very little content, but hopefully lots of atmosphere. I guess it should come as no surprise, since I have often found my abstact paintings to be surprisingly revealing of things I am feeling, even though I was not particularly conscious of it at the time, that they should reflect the current wet wintry mood.

Rainy Day 900x1100mm (SOLD)

Passing View 900x1100mm.
This painting must come from the feeling I seem to have more and more frequently that I would love to just climb in the car and hit the road, enjoying the changing views flashing past the driver's window! Again, in this case, a wintry wet view.