Wednesday, 08 August 2012

Reflecting recent weather conditions

Port Elizabeth has had the second wettest winter in recorded history this year, in addition to unusually cold weather, 3 floods in the last few weeks, and days without water due to 2 broken major supply pipelines. I breezed into my studio with the intention of doing a few abstract canvases with very little content, but hopefully lots of atmosphere. I guess it should come as no surprise, since I have often found my abstact paintings to be surprisingly revealing of things I am feeling, even though I was not particularly conscious of it at the time, that they should reflect the current wet wintry mood.

Rainy Day 900x1100mm (SOLD)

Passing View 900x1100mm.
This painting must come from the feeling I seem to have more and more frequently that I would love to just climb in the car and hit the road, enjoying the changing views flashing past the driver's window! Again, in this case, a wintry wet view.

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