Saturday, 05 September 2009

Musical Trees

800x600 mm mixed media


A commision for a health spa, a bit of fun that helps guests to relax and enjoy the environment without laying heavy angst filled social messages on them! I sometimes like the opportunity to break away from the emotional input required when doing paintings such as the Africa Weeps series, and just celebrate beauty for its own sake.

In the same vein, I was asked to paint a very typical port Elizabeth scene, to be presented as a farewell gift to the CEO of a large company, who was going to live in America, and would like happy memories of PE. The client opted for a view of the Shark Rock Pier with the harbour behind it. I did 2, neither of which are the typical "tourist brochure" pics with bright blue skies and sea. One was on a misty moody day, and the other at sunset.

Stroll to the Pier

Sunset Stroll to the Pier
800 x 400 mm