Friday, 20 July 2007

weird batch

This lot really doesn't look like the same person did them, I must check and see what my other personalities have been up to.....(kidding!)

Title: Spanish Nights

Size: 600 x 900 mm

I must thank Ian and Cursty for this, they were in Spain recently, wandering through the wonderful narrow alleyways as the sun went down. I was attracted to this as a subject because I love trying to portray the play between cool natural light and warm artificial light.


Title: Dawn across Richmond Park.
Size: 300 x 250 mm

The light was great the other day, so I rushed out (yes, I'm afraid the poor neighbours were subjected to the tatty dressing gown again...) and sketched it with pen and watercolour wash to capture the rapidly changing conditions, then I applied a bit of artistic licence and darkened it and emphasised the artificial light when I did the painting.

Title: Bobcat
Size: 750 x 450

Yes, I know this is freaky and scary, but it is about a freaky and scary subject, the Hitler-like moustache on the fat cat might give you a clue.... and it is a protest about a subject I rage inwardly about, feeling impotent in the face of so much international apathy. If Zimbabwe was rich in oil I bet things would be very different! In the meantime old Bob gets financially fatter and fatter at the expense of his desperate suffering people.

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