Friday, 19 October 2007

Can't see the wood for the trees?, and sunset at sea

Title: Can't see the wood for the trees?
Size: 1200 x 1000 mm
A large happy looking abstract. I have a "thing" for rainbow colours and trees, this is a marriage of the two!

Title: Sunset at sea
Size: 500 x 400 mm

This is an older painting that was tucked away somewhere at an out of town gallery, I just retrieved it last week.


GAWO said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog.
I have a photo called: "Can`t see the woods for the trees" at my blog too. Have you seen it?

You asked about "hoppe". It mean "jumps" in Norwegian. It can also mean "a female horse" :-)

Suzi-k said...

Thanks Gawo. I looked again, but didn't see your photo, perhaps because I don't understand the captions, or didn't go back far enough?

Mike said...

These are beautiful!

Kerri said...

Wow!! Beautiful!

Carol Hadfield said...

Hi Suzi - what lovely work! Are you selling to Americans, or local? I am amazed at how many comments you have - great!

karoline said...

your work with colors is fantastic suzi...