Thursday, 03 January 2008

new year, new work

I have 2 Exhibitions coming up early this year.
The first is Historic Port Elizabeth from 12th to 27th February at the EPSAC Gallery. I will be exhibiting with Vilia Offerman, who is sought after for her great watercolours, and well known local photographer Bob Binell, who has a fantastic collection of vintage photos of early PE.
The next is in mid March, at the Cuyler Street Gallery, which I am delighted to get into, as the owner, Tossie Theron is a respected authority on Eastern Cape art, and a great promoter of local artists.
Here is a preview of a selection of new work that is being done for those exhibitions.
Title: Crossroads
Size: 600x500mm
I love this little church which we see from our dining room window, the proportions are wonderful, as are the two different stone crosses on the gables. Over the years I have photographed it in a wide variety of light conditions.

Title: Contemplation 2

Size: 500x600mm

The meditative mood of this appealed to me.... gazing over the valley, is the grass greener over there?

Title: Crossroads St Stephens and Mackay Streets.
Size: 600x300mm
The streetscapes of the historic areas of PE are often charming, offering a blend of old houses and new lamp posts, and often the bay forms the backdrop.

Title: Crossroads Mackay and Cross Streets.

Size: 600x300mm

Another Richmond Hill streetscape with panoramic view of the bay.


Title: Looking down St Stevens Street

Size: 300x400mm


Title: Looking down Parliament Street

Size: 400x300mm


Corner Store, Irvine and Raleigh Street.

Title: Looking over Russell Road

Size: 400x500


Sunrise through the trees in the old Graveyard

Pre-Restoration, Vovo Telo



Title: St Stevens, winter

Size: 250x250mm


Title: Invitation to Rest

Size: 450 x 1200mm

There is something about park benches and shady trees that really seems to draw me, I guess at a stressful time, it is the allure of the unattainable...


kate said...

I imagine that the exhibitions will be a great success for you. Your paintings are beautiful. I enjoyed seeing what Port Elisabeth looked like and I was especially drawn to the white bench painting.

American Genius said...

I like the CrossRoads. There's a million words in it. Not to mention the legend of Robert Johnson.
I have no doubt that these will bring good and great fortune to you.

Web-OJ said...

Good luck on your exhibitions. You really have a God given talent. If I had the cash, I'd have bought them all. Lovely!

Suzi-k said...

thanks for the encourah=ging comments!

Kerri said...

Good luck with your exhibits!! If I lived in your area I would be the first to visit! I LOVE your work! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

karoline said...

suzi your work is raises something inside me so that i can almost catch and identify it..i don't know what it is..but it's good...

thankyou for sharing and i hope your exhibition is a smashing success...i'll be thinking of you..