Friday, 11 January 2008

More Historic PE

Title: Looking across Russell Road

Size: 800x400mm
This is a view of the skyline looking at Richmond Hill from the opposite cliff in Central. I love the simplicity of design of these early settler buildings.


Title: Aftermath of the Great Gale in 1902
Size: 900x 800mm
This was a fairly ambitious one, because it was done from a vintage b&w photograph. I wanted to bring in colour, so that it was not just a straight reproduction of the photo, but kept it muted to retain the atmosphere created by the foul weather and stricken ships. I emphasised the little lighthouse on the hill near the middle, because of the irony that, when nature really decides to lash out, none of our puny safety measures can help, and we are reminded that, though we behave as if we are Lords of the Planet, we need to be brought down to size every now and then, like the little spectators gazing in awe at the results of the storm.


Sandy Carlson said...

How the mighty do fall! These are wonderful images. I like your commentary, Suzi.

God bless.

Kerri said...

Ah Suzi-K....this is awesome!

karoline said...

suzi..i luv so reminds me of a place we go in the summer..we catch a little dory over to the island..and hike across to hangman's beach (t'was where the british hung deserters for all to see) and precisely below strawberry battery..if i look to the southeast..i see the wee lighthouse. it's not a far stretch of the imagination to see such glorious tall ships floundering on the shores...i truly luv this image..

you are so talented..

Suzi-k said...

(((((beam)))) thanks all.

A. Wise Art Journey said...

Wonderful artworks!