Wednesday, 08 September 2010

More New Work

More poem/paintings, the poems are all by Nox Mafu and the paintings are my response to them.

Commonly Shared Madness 600x500mm

Commonly Shared Madness

My heart belongs to a lunatic

High in speed and continuous


In soul, sight, head, body and

Happy-exciting-joyous vibes,

Pounding to burst it out of the

Woods lined thickly protecting

It from harsh colds, wildly winds

And scorching sun and lowness

From that all it stays pounding

In harmony, joyful and looking

Forward to all the many exciting

Things yet to come from linkage

With the rest who live for nothing

But harmony in linkage with others

As success comes from shared and

Commonly envisioned endeavours

Delusional Love 600x500mm
Delusional Love

Loving you even in your disappearance,

While desiring your reappearance, and I

Pain over your voiceless on things I desire

Your noodles as well as your silence on what

I find irrelevant and distractive of what we

Could have, hence we’ve got nothing of us.

Clearly as long as its’ about what I long for

In you, without what I long for in us, and

As long as its’ about what you long for in me

But not about what you long for in us, rather

What WE long for in us, there’s nothing at all,

No longing of the same as there’s no-love, no-us.

While its’ delusional love on one part its may be

One other thing, but love on the other side,

Hence delusional love on the latter part.

Oh Darling Happiness 750x600mm

Oh Darling Happiness

I’m filled with so much happiness,

I live-strive for more, happiness

It is, but sometimes distractions

Throw in extremes of what I often

Have in me, in pursuit for the worst

To fill me and snatch away that I love

Hence I live-strive for more happiness

Life is full of reasons for one to be happy

Only if one disregards all that’s making

One unhappy, which is also in plentitudes

And one can consume as much to end life

And the life of others as it’s contagious, but

Just as happiness, with my happiness many

Can be contaminated and a happy life-earth

Eventually all will be happier with shared

Happiness embedded deep inside if only one

Can keep on digging and letting it out there

And about for themselves and for others

Happiness will be what filled us so much

Us, in me 400x500mm
Us, in me

Just the thought of you fills the entire me,

The special glow that overflows soothes all in me;

Peace conquers the inner-entire me,

Soft light brightens in-out of me,

Harmonious sounds blocks away the noise,

Remarkable move slightly bring you to me,

Fabulously, we embrace;

Unique breed only shared by two,

So appealing, fulfilling-yearning;

Me, you alone

It is us that exist;

Right within me,

Wow the silver cord!

How I wish…

Who are you? 600x600mm

Who are you?


Ice face, all on it; iced,

Open freezer-door,

Utter ice cubes:

Who are you?

may i....

Who are you?

i would like to...

Who are you? eh eh

Ice-cold air;

difficulty to breathe,

eyes clouded,

face freezes

Open freezer door freezes 'all'

Too much 'Ice'

Who are you?

may i want to get in?

No, Not you!

Just Go, GO Away!


You again!

Nothing for you in Here!

Look, look at all in Here!


All above you,

Just kneel, beg and


If you don't,

you are not getting in,

There is no time,

Nor space,

Not even the eyes for you in Here!

Accept it, or leave it!

The Journey 1500x500mm

The journey

Looking forward to


Neither do I know,

Nor have I seen any one from,

But! Looking forward to,


To be there, there to see,

Anticipating and wanting to be there.

Looking forward to,


To leave, leaving behind

All that I know;

Looking forward to,


To be there; to leave,

Leaving behind all.

Bye-byes said now and then,

ears have had their share,

The bums have been positioned

And have had too much of

Thick plastic upholstered seats

The waiting-wanting has worn them,

Tossing them is useless,

What want is to go away,

I am looking forward to go,

Others, loitering as the hounds

Looking for a place to sleep,

as if, not looking forward to


Neither do I know

Nor do they know.

At last the drummmh,

Drummh, dru-drummhh,

Relieves panic, and

Gathers loiterers

I am looking forward to,

The place where I am to see,

If all I envisioned is there.

The Deep 1&2 800x400mm

the deep

Deep, deep, deep

Down, down, down

Deep-down, down and deep

Deep, deep, deep

Where none can see

But only one

None can feel

But only one

None can touch

But only one

Can the only one

Really see?

But only one

Can the only one

Really feel?

But only one

Can the only one

Really touch?

But only one

The deep, deep, deep

Down, down, down

Deep-down, down and deep

Deep, deep, deep

But only one

Must know and knows

The deep-down

But only one

Who knows only one

But only one

Has only one’s deep

Deep-down, down and deep The deep 1 400x800mm

Deep-down, an undersurface

But only one

Who knows only one


But only one

Who knows only one

Acquires the deeper

Of the only one

About only one’s deep

But only one

Who knows only one

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The greater only one

Knows about oneself

Only one can know if

Only one needs to know

About the only one

The deep, deep, deep

Down, down, down

Deep-down, down and deep

Deep, deep, deep

Where no winds occur

To blow the deep’s

Deep, deep, down

Where all there seem

To be still and still

Down, deep down

Which all one has

Down deep down

There, but the one

And only one

Not all have found

But there, by the

One and only one

To be found down

There is in abundance.

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