Sunday, 26 September 2010

continuing the new work

Hi, here is the next batch of latest paintings, some based on Nox Mafu's poems for the ConneXion2, and some just from the heart.

In the Field: 600x800mm

In the field

Loving you, I am like a researcher

On the field:

The 1st Corinthians 13;

A popular measuring instrument,

But, not for my study,

Respondents coded:

# 1 and # 2,

That’s the extent of data,

With intricacies I have

To interpret and analyze

But, as I am progress with # 2,

I am familiar with # 1 through a pilot study

Now, with vivid memories I am intrigued

To embark on further studies with # 1;

# 2 somehow would be validated with a study with # 1

Just during the vacation from the current phase;

The interpretation and analysis of the entire study

Is personal.

The summary, findings and conclusions, is love;

I love both # 1 and # 2

The recommendations are; first: # 1

Should not know about the process;

Second, further studies can be conducted after the vacation.

Cry for Africa 1000x1500mm

Cry for Africa

Even the bites and gusts of wounds by mice- are nothing to the souls of Africans,

It may seem as harm, but nothing in what has happened,

For they charge with their chins some up-some down,

This has to do with being sons and daughters of the soil;

Whether the winds blow, hit heavily, instead of vanishing

The seeds spread all around and at a time – sprout,

Be it the damage, it barely shows as caused by those gusted bites,

As the seedlings grow the roots support them - be it the plants are afar from the soil, but holding on only with roots-the distance never exists, for Africa rules within in such a wondrous, precious and inevitable manner that is hard to disregard.

The magic she spreads all around unifying her offspring with pride, as they are all about

For, no parent wishes for such a thing to occur,

With yearnings of unification heard and may also seem disregarded by seeing the divide amongst and between, but consistently for unity,

While poverty enforces hypocrisy,

Death, strikes ceaselessly,

But, be it so- brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers,

All these are what Africa has had enough of,

The term unification is such as old as ever,

And yet continues to be howled,

For it is the core of it all,

You all know its weight,

But, needs are knotted unto loyalty to partition,

Be it so unification remains the thing,

We all know it is so, for out there you are never complete without who you are;

Unify don’t divide

Joy in nature 1000x800mm

Joy in nature
The skies are blue

The trees are green

The shades shine on

With the sun and joy

Avails for an opened

Soul to change, yet

Not static as it all

Comes and goes, like

Summer, fall

Spring, winter

The soul is blue-green



With shades of blue

With shades of green

In the soul nothing, but


COUGH UP 500x400mm


Cough it up;

See their sympathy,

Allow them to your back,

It is all fun;

It is all a joke,

Those who care not;

Won’t anticipate your back,

You hear them;

They laugh,

You see them:

They wiggle,

Those who pretend;

At you back,

They forget that

You can see behind through them,

You have ears for all said,

At your back.

Cough it up;

They are lonely;

Yearn for such kind of entertain,

Cough it up;

They know none,

Cough it up;

Refresh you,

You cough it up,

You cough it up.

Freedoms of the Democracy 900x1000mm

Freedoms of the Democracy
Upon the tallest steady trees

Thinly-thickly rooted they stand

The rays from the east to west

The blows of wildly-smoothly winds

The frosts from the northest north

All clear and admirably they stand

With protection of freedoms of the

Democracy as prescribed for others

As they stand low

Thinly-thickly rooted they stand

Upon the tallest trees the sunrise rises

And shines, the sunset sets and shines

Open the heart 900x900mm

Open the heart

To absorb the flows

Of breezy leaves and

Blue sky with peace-full

Clouds scattered-gathered

With tedious efforts for

One and all in one heart

Oozing blood that is shot

Through renewing branches

On the trunk situated deep

Down in rich - loamy – soil

Only a naked heart can

Absorb it all as it is in need

Line of Trees 300x600mm

Line of Trees
Of the same origin

Yet each unique

From same origin

And others, yet

Each stands up

By, and About

For it’s own and

Itself, yet each lines

The line of trees

Of the same origin

That has made all

Yet each be as is

Line of trees

Of the same origin

Lined up and as

Tall they stand as

Short they stand as

Thin they stand as

Thick they stand as

Line of trees.

Happy Feet  300x400mm

Happy Feet
Glowing with golden

Colours so admired by

All and illustriously so

Gliding on the golden

Glassy grounds, to golden


So harmoniously tuned in

Rhythmic mood that shoots

A vibrant popping happy feet

A poignant tapping happy feet

A sliding dancing happy feet, a

Thundilicious sound happy feet

Living a joyous laughter that’s

Filled with colours of life, a life

Happy feet

My feet, my life, a happy feet-life

That’s what I love living for, that’s


Best Foot Forward  400x300mm

Best Foot Forward

Only the chosen one gets the limelight

That one creates for herself, with select

Jewels that enhance the appeal for select

Beholder in contemplation, for fulfillment

Of the desires, while bestowed enchanted

Perfumes thickly-wildly mesmerize, just the

Best foot forward!

Prickly subject  500x800mm
Prickly subject

Is what makes me


And what make you


As it makes us


Be it love, be it peace

Be it joy, be it happiness,

Be it sharing, be it smile

Be it dance, be it unity,

Be it smile, be it it, or not

Is what makes me


And what make you


As it makes us


Prickly subject, is,

Not as always has

Been whatever it was

That makes, breaks

Me, you, us, are a

Prickly subject

To the woods 1 and 2   600x300mm


To the woods
I find myself going to the woods

For the woods of fire against colds
For the woods of green for the soul

For the woods of yellow for

For the woods of sticky for mate

For the woods of shade from heat

Right in the middle of the woods

A path I endeavor on to the woods

While there for all, but known to me

As I alone find myself on it, in it, to

Which is just in of the other but, yet

Different from the other woods I leave

I find myself going for the woods right

In between the woods with colors of blue

Sent from above the woods to meet the

Dark colors of blue in me and lighter, light

From above the white colors of the clouds

Meet the darker colors as I go for the woods

The route lights, light with lighter colors of

Blue and light shades of white as I go on

I find myself filled with lighter shares of light

Protect your Pawns: 400x400
in this country, women and children are often just pawns in the power games played by men, but it is time our society realised that they are not just disposable assets.
Stand By Me 400x400mm
Making babies is easy, but too often, staying together and taking responsibility for the precious life that is made is quite another thing...
Here Comes that rainy day feeling again, 400x800mm
the blues descend on all of us at some stage, but if we can only see past them, there is some pink in the future!
How do you see our future? 900x900mm
This is a controversial painting about a painful subject, I will leave you to answer the question for yourself.

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