Tuesday, 11 August 2009

2 new works and the annual

I love a rainy day

One man's wealth ...3
another in the Africa weeps for her children series
Both of these were accepted on the adjudicated EPSAC 90th Annual Exhibition.


Firefly said...

Congrats on having two paintings selected to the Annual. I will still stop by for a look. Its just been a bit hectic so far. I'll also come and take a pic to place in PEDP.

chatters said...

Hi I tried posting before, don't know where on earth:-D I posted, new to blogging and trying to get used to using. I am now subscribed to your site.
Wow I love your art work. Especially the tree series and have really enjoyed reading through your posts. I wondered if you would like to share links. My website is http://amandamccormickart.synthasite.com/
and my blog is http://greenspirit.yolasite.com/

Chatters said...

Hi Again

I just wanted to add that I have moved all of my posts from the last blog to my new blog which I find much more user friendly.


Suzi-k said...

hi chatters, welcome to blogger. will link you when i have some time to sort out my blog. Today a friend has organised a model for us to paint, and i need to get my canvasses prepared, catch you later!