Monday, 01 June 2009

There was a time......

.............When I would upload several picures each month. Now i look appalled and see that i last added anything in March. Today is the first of June and i have only 6 new paintings to add. This will change... but not just yet!

I allowed myself to get all wrapped up in various quixotic causes, such as our general election, our neighbourhood crime watch, and our local community art gallery. Slowly I am extricating myself from some, wrapping up others, and setting boundaries for those that remain!

In the midst of this, my dad died last month, and we are off to Turkey and Bulgaria in the middle of this month. So the hiatus will continue for another 6 weeks or so, but i hope to return brimming with inspiration and energy, please be patient!
The new batch all has one thing in common... a pre-occupation with the need to help guide the next generation of children as they navigate through life, a life that seems to become increasingly uncertain for many in Africa.

Its a big world to navigate through
800 x 1000 mm
oil on canvas
Navigating through lifes maze
1000 x 1000 mm
acrylic/mixed media on canvas
the lost generation 1
acrylic/mixed media on canvas
the lost generation 2
acrylic/mixed media on canvas
the lost generation 3
acrylic/mixed media on canvas
the lost generation 4
acrylic/mixed media on canvas


Alina Chau said...


Pamela said...

Very impressive!

fortunato said...

lovely paintings !!!

Shana said...

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chatters said...

WOw Some really beautiful work. I love your paintings, especially the tree series.

I am just looking and trying to work out if I am now subscribed to your blog. New to using blogs. Think I am now lol. Would be interested in sharing links, Would you add my website and blog links to your site if you find them interesting, I would like to add your link to mine as I am thoroughly enjoying reading your comments and looking at your art work

chatters said...

I have worked out how to post now he heee.
Sorry about that, I posted the same sort of comments twice.

Love the lost generation pieces. Very expressive and full of emotion, amazing work