Monday, 08 September 2008

to the woods.....

I have a friend, Esme Goosen, who is a wonderful artist, and also very generous with her time and ideas. She recently introduced me to the joys of acrylics. (I'll tell you more about that when she has sent me a photo of one of her paintings, there's a story behind it!)

Up until now I have been having a passionate affair with oils, and what I love about them is the slow drying time, which allows for lots of blending and manipulation of the paint as the paintings evolve. But I am finding that acrylics have joys of their own, and this new direction coincides with a growing desire to do some printing. I did some lino cuts of trees, and printed them with acrylic onto canvas. It was a natural progression from some of the directions I have been going in with the other work, running paint, metal foils etc. Then the games began, blending colours and playing with adding transparent layers of washes over each other.

Here are the results:

a pair of trees

2 x 150x150mm


3x 150x200mm




450x350mm framed

treasure tree 1 and 2

2 x 600x900mm

fiesta tree 1 and 2

2 x 125x175mm


happy tree 1 and 2

2 x 300x300mm framed

seasons 1, 2 3 and 4

4 x 100x150mm framed

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Jilly said...

Suzi - am not sure if I'm replying on the right blog but goodness, your work is just beautiful - and yes of course you can paint the Menton photograph. What a compliment! Maybe mention my blog at some point when you publish the painting. Please let me know. I'd adore to see it. And thankyou so much for asking.

I love the acrylics you show here. Beautiful.