Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Still strolling around the woods!

I seem to be stuck on trees at the moment, they often crop up in my work because for me, trees are such a special part of life. They speak of fresh air, flowers, peace, permanence. They are these large living beings who do no harm, but bring goodness and life to the planet, home for birds, shelter for anyone who cares to rest in their shade. Even when they are cut down, they carry on giving, in the form of fuel for fires, building materials, compost etc.

red purple tree

300x250 framed



turquoise trees 1 and 2


forest reds and browns 1 and 2


forest blues and greens


brown/green tree 1 and 2


green and brown tree 200x250, framed

And still on a nature theme, I must have spring fever at the moment, because these floral jugs also appeared!

A Pair of Jugs


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PushupYogi said...

Wow, Sue, this is fantastic stuff. Your red purple tree (and brown/green as well)... ah. Beautiful.