Sunday, 08 April 2012

found it!!!

Ok so a few posts back I spoke about my love for baobabs and mentioned a tree with a hollowed out trunk. We managed to find the negatives of the tree and Max scanned them for me, if you look closely you will see three people peeping out from it, our two kids and a friend who came with us on a trip to Zim circa 1997.

I also mentioned that I was looking for a certain photo of Max next to a famous tree near Musina... I found another pic of it which I posted, but could not figure out what had happened to the one I was thinking of. Well, quite by chance, in the meantine, Max has decided to scan our old slides, and we found the pic I was looking for, no wonder I couldn't find it amongst the prints, I had forgotten it was a slide. He is mortified about the attire, but hey, short shorts and long socks with veldskoene was standard Zimbabwean attire... ok admittedly the handkerchief with knots in the corners was not your average bush hat, but it was hot and a man has to make a plan, LOL!!!

Lots of inspiring material here, and I am sure lots more baobab paintings and drawings still to come!


Max-e said...

You're a wicked oman Suzi-K - I cannot believe you posted a pic of me dressed like that, but then it was 1977.

I feel another life with Suzie coming on.

Suzi-k said...

oh dear, that sounds ominous!