Monday, 09 November 2009

4 Women Exhibition

I am currently exhibiting with 3 friends at the EPSAC Gallery in Port Elizabeth, until 13th November. I did not post any new work for the last few months because I didn't want it to be old news by the time the exhibition opened.

First some general shots of the gallery:

These two still life paintings are the very different response of me and my friend Esme to the same subject.

Esme Goosen and I set up a still life, and spent some time in the gallery during the first week, doing a painting each, which will be on silent auction. The winning bid will be revealed on the last day of the exhibition, and the proceeds will be donated to the Community Art Centre.

This is Esme's still life, 600x800mm

... and this is mine 600x500mm

here we are concentrating on our work!
Now for the individual paintings....

still life with lilies 800x900

still ... life is the blues


From the Africa weeps for her Children Series:
Despite challenging circumstances and bleak prospects for the future, many of Africa’s most impoverished children carry themselves with dignity as they try and find a way through this confusing, and often hostile world. These paintings address the fact that there are so many who seem rudderless, either because they are aids orphans, (in Zimbabwe there are entire “Lord of the Flies” style villages with no adults left alive!) or have absent parents who are struggling to make a living while the kids are left to fend for themselves and establish their own set of values. They raise the important question “who will help to guide this lost generation?”

Adrift 600x600

the lost generation 8 130x180

the lost generation 7 130x180

the lost generation 5 130x180mm

the lost generation 6 130x180mm

at the precipice 300x300mm

what does it all mean? 750x950mm

My Future 900x800mm

The Raindance Series:
It often touches me when I see kids, living in some of the most desperate situations of poverty, war and social meltdown, yet they still have a carefree joyfulness about the way they play. One of the sayings I live by is:
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
In their case, the storm may never pass, and yet they make the best of it… many of us in much better situations could learn from these kids!

Raindance 800x600mm

Raindance 2 1100x900mm

The writing around the edge reads "In some lives the storm may never end, and the only way to survive is by dancing in the rain"

come join the dance 700x200mm

come join the dance 2 300x250mm

raindance 4 250x300mm

raindance 3 300x250mm

come join the dance 3 250x300

I guess as a reaction to a hectic lifestyle, I am often drawn to images of people relaxing, taking time to just sit and think and enjoy the moment…

contemplation 4 600x400mm

contemplation 5 600x500mm

The Salute to Single Mothers Series:

In this series I put the spotlight on the courage of the huge number of single women who take on the demanding task of earning a living, and at the same time guiding their children through the increasing uncertainty of life. This is a difficult task, even for those in 1st world countries where life is reasonably stable. But to me in Africa, where war, famine, displacement and the need to leave families in remote areas in order to seek work in the big cities are such common conditions, these single mothers are even more amazing. I have enormous respect for these women, who hold their families together against all the odds.

lead me through 2 130x180mm

torn 400x300mm

Lead us through 2 130x180mm

missing you 400x300mm

decisions of motherhood 600x500mm

lead us through 400x500mm

lead me through 400x500mm

decisions of motherhood 2 600x500mm

....and then just for fun...

miss cat on the mat 400x800mm


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No problems with Blogger on this side. I wonder what it could be. I really need to make some time and pop into the gallery before the exhibit ends.

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