Thursday, 22 January 2009

New Year, new work, new possibilities

This year is beginning on an exciting note for me. A very prestigious gallery in Plettenberg Bay has agreed to be my agent. The response to the work has been very positive, and there is now the possibility of a solo or joint exhibition there in a few months time, and better still, perhaps being part of a group to exhibit in America too. Nothing cast in concrete yet, but just the possibility is exciting. Here are some of the works I did at the end of last year, which are now in Plett.
Flattening the forests 2
900x900 mm
mixed media on canvas
Flattening the forests
900x900 mm
mixed media on canvas
These two started out as protest paintings depicting the treasure of the trees on the one hand, and the money to be made from flattening them on the other. But My husband pointed out that they look much too cheerful to be protest art, and look like a celebration of trees instead!
In war, only the arms dealers win 2
1000x1000 mm
mixed media on canvas
A return to another favourite theme!
Africa's children: living in the shadows
600x800 mm
mixed media on canvas
Africa's children: living in the shadows
600x800 mm
mixed media on canvas

The ladder of success: where do they begin?

800x900 mm

mixed media on canvas


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Leslie Avon Miller said...

I like these paintings.

Nox Mafu said...

Sue, I come to your blog to reconnect. I love your work.