Wednesday, 11 June 2008

plein air and other work.

On our Port Elizabeth Daily Photo blog, I recently did a post about the group of artists I have joined, tho go out on Thursday mornings to paint en plein air. I am delighted to have found them, because I have tried it on my own, and did not feel at all safe. Crime in this country is at such a level that you really do take a chance sitting out in the open on your own. But I am fully aware that depending too much on photos for reference is not ideal. Everyone is so free with their knowledge, so it was great, and I know I am going to learn a huge amount from this generous bunch of talented people.

Here Evie sits at her easel while Bev starts to clear up. And this is the view, although the cows moved around maddeningly fast, so i had to rely on photos to add them in later!

The result of the first outing.... lots to learn but it was great fun!

Title: Dawson's Farm
Size: 400 x 300mm

Title: Treeline

Size 150x150mm

I also did a little canvas of a group of trees. I am not altogether happy with the colour of the sky, i think i will lighten it, but as a quick oil sketch, it was great fun.

And finally, this is a commissioned work of the delightful home where I was invited to take part in a recent exhibition.

Title: Hannalise's Haven

Size 600x300mm


RuneE said...

I wish I could paint like that (in fact, I can't at all) - I'll have to stick with photography.

Megan Coyle said...

I really like your landscapes, they're fantastic :)

Kerri said...

Your talent is amazing!! WOW!

Maria said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I think you are very talented! Regards, Maria