Saturday, 08 March 2008

filling in the gaps

The new exhibition is up and getting good reviews, so I now have a little breathing space to upload all the paintings that have been done recently but not posted yet. One drawback of painting fast and furiously is that the admin involved in naming, pricing, keeping track of sales and which webpage they are posted to is quite daunting at times. So I have spent the last 2 days trying to sort out my database and South African Artists webpage.

The first batch is from the current exhibition..............

Title: Farewell Homeland, Where now?

Size: 600x900 mm
This is based on photos taken by a family member while working with refugees in Sudan. The effects of the endless war-mongering seem to leave the women and children particularly vulnerable. One wonders what the future could possibly hold for these kids.

Title: Fleeing Dafur
Size: 900x600 mm

Same comments as above.

Title: Pete's Country Path
Size: 400x400 mm

This is based on a photo I saw on a blog, and fell in love with. It was taken by Pete Parrott. He is a very talented photographer who roams around the area of Hyde, UK, taking marvelous photos and sharing them on his blog. He kindly gave permission for me to use one as inspiration for this painting.
................and the next batch is from last month's Historic Port Elizabeth Exhibition.

with frame

Title: Ivy Terrace
Size: 350x450 mm (plus frame)

This is a quaint and attractive block of flats built on a plot in historic Central with a very acute angle between two roads.


Title: 24-26 Callington Street

Size: 300x300mm

Cute old semi detached houses on the steep street.

with frame

Title: 16 Raleigh Street after restoration
Size: 350x450 (plus frame)

This house has recently been beautifully renovated and turned into a wonderful bakery and coffee shop. They bake bread using organic stone ground flours, and people come from all over town to buy it, and sit on the patio sipping their great coffee! We are lucky that they are just a couple of blocks from us!

with frame
Title: Castle Hill
Size: 500x250 mm (excluding frame)
This is one of the oldest streets in PE, and has a lovely variety of interesting buildings, and a view over the harbour.


Title: NG Church from Russell Rd Cemetary
Size: 250x500 excluding frame
Sorry about the terrible photo, somehow this one slipped through the cracks, and I only snapped it once it was hanging in the gallery. It sold at the exhibition, so I won't get a chance to get a better one.

Title: 11 Raleigh Street
Size 150x150mm
another of the popular little 6 inch square paintings of cute houses.

Title: Central from across Russell Road

Size: 800x400 mm


I just love the streetscapes in this area, the variety of rooftops, spires, etc make for interesting groupings.

That's it for now, soon I'll post some older pictures which were done before I started this blog.


lv2scpbk said...

Beautiful paintings. I'm visiting from Pete's blog, with the Pete's country walk painting. I really like your painting with the bench in it.

amanda said...

As an ex-PE inhabitant, I love your paintings! They bring back so many fond memories for me.
(PS - I bought one of your paintings on SA artists...hope to buy some more again!)

Suzi-k said...

thanks guys, glad you like them. Amanda, delighted to meet you, I was wondering if it was someone who knows PE who bought the Albany Road picture! Thanks.

amanda said...

guilty as charged!

Cathy Gatland said...

Great to find another South African artist blog - I love your work - I've only visited PE once or twice as a child, but can see from your paintings why people from PE are so patriotic about it.

RuneE said...

I must say that you have an impressing production. I was especially attracted by the two first ones. In some ways a painting can say thing that a photo cannot. There are a lot of genuine feeling of despair here - and not without reason.

Suzi-k said...

hi Cathy, welcome, and rune, you are right, somehow a painting can be very expressive, somehow leaving out the details means that the bits you include speak louder!

Kerri said...

My heart skips a beat every time I see your beautiful paintings! You have such TALENT! WOW!

Shrinky said...

I love how your eye frames a scene and hones us in through your unique angle. The colours are both soft and rich.. it's been a delightful walk through your selected art, I'm so glad to have fallen in here. (Smile)

SandyCarlson said...

I'm loving these. That first one especially! You capture the universe and put it right in the center of this family.

Digital Polaroids said...

Really lovely paintings, Suzy.

T.R. said...

Are the first two for sale as well? Your work is just amazing.

Kelly said...

I love the painting that you did of pete's country path... It looks like his photograph so much! You are so talented!!! My hats off to you for painting Pete's picture so accurately with such love! How much are you asking for it and/or is it for sale?