Friday, 08 February 2008

Forthcoming Exhibition

My group exhibition looms just around the corner.... still frantically trying to complete a few more paintings, and get them dry enough to frame! Will post some of the new ones when I come up for air again.
Between us, we have about 90 pictures, but Bob the photographer also has boxes of old prints that he is going to lay out on tables to sell. I have already got dibbs on some of then, they are fascinating. Pictures of trams going up narrow streets which are now 6 lane main roads, some very interesting harbour and aerial shots etc. All 3 of us are passionate about our historic areas, and it shows in our work.
My daughter K has been doing a lot of research into the area, and is going to write notes on as many of the buildings featured in pictures as possible, so that whoever buys one not only gets a painting, but a sense of the history of the place as well.
In the meantime, here is your personal invitation to the opening!

Anyone in PE who sees this and is interested is very welcome to attend. The exhibition runs from 12th to 23rd February.


Pamela said...


Went to your exhibit during my lunch today. Well done, it is great. It is so nice to see works from the Central, Richmond Hill area.

The photos exhibited alongside your work are unbelievable. There is so much history in PE, sometimes we just need reminded.

I really enjoyed it - and so did my work colleague I dragged with.

Kate said...

If I were in PE I'd be the first one through your door!

Suzi-k said...

thanks for the visit Pamela, glad you enjoyed it.
Kate, thanks for the virtual visit too!